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Increase your invoice processing from 8 to 80 invoices per hour with our easy-to-use web-based platform!

Officient software solutions automate your accounts payable functions and save you money by replacing manual processes, enabling early payment discounts, eliminating errors and preventing fraudulent invoices.

InvoiceFirewall Eliminate Costly Errors

More than 50% of incoming invoices contain errors. It seems shocking, but it’s true. We’ve learned this in our 10 years of tracking and measuring invoicing errors through our solutions. Without an automated way to detect and prevent these errors, you can end up paying for them in delays, extra work and late or missing payments.

Customize Your Business Rules

Define invoicing rules and requirements based on your needs and ensure consistent enforcement across all invoices.
Auto-Fix Invoicing Errors

InvoiceFirewall automatically fixes errors so there’s no need for you or your vendors to do extra work.
Auto-Return Invoices for Correction

If there’s missing information or a problem that can’t be auto-fixed, InvoiceFirewall automatically returns the invoice to your supplier for correction.

Officient's InvoiceFirewall detects invoice errors and automatically fixes them or sends the invoice back to the vendor for correction. It integrates with your system to scan all incoming invoices and check them against approved suppliers, valid POs, references, contact information, payment terms and much more. Based on the business rules you define, InvoiceFirewall automatically corrects errors or returns the invoice to the supplier to fix problems or add missing information.

Get Discounts for Early Payments

Let your efficiency and cash work for you. Our Early Payment solution allows you to set up and configure early payment discounts with all your vendors and suppliers

Early payment diagram
  • High return on your money (up to 20% p.a.)
  • Better returns than bank deposits
  • Build stronger customer/vendor relationships
  • Avoid late payments and supplier inquiries
  • No additional entries required in your ERP system
  • No system changes required

Simply define the number days for payment after an invoice and a corresponding discount, and Early Payment automatically applies those terms to all future invoices from the selected account.

If you prefer, you can request a notification each time an invoice is received from that account, so you can select your preferred discount for each occurrence. With Early Payment, you get total flexibility to define your preferred terms for each supplier or vendor.

Prevent Fraud

Many invoicing scams target large companies with busy accounts payable departments. When you’re managing and processing thousands of invoices from vendors and suppliers, it’s easy to make a mistake and accidentally pay a fraudulent or duplicate invoice.

Officient’s InvoiceFirewall protects your business by enforcing PO validation and confirming that invoices are submitted by approved vendors and suppliers. It automatically detects unknown suppliers, duplicate invoices and duplicate billing of the same items under a different invoice number.

Early payment diagram

Automate Your Accounts

E-invoices make it fast and easy to manage your accounts payable, reduce labor costs, and achieve dramatic increases in productivity.
Officient’s Invoice Receiver allows you to automatically process and route invoices for approval as well as eliminate unnecessary work while you pay invoices faster, save money and unlock more of your working capital.

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Enjoy Fast & Easy Integration

Integrating a new solution with your systems and workflows should be simple and worry-free. Our platform integrates with any ERP or workflow system you use, and integration is fast and easy. We'll work with you to get you up and running in 1 to 2 business days.

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Get Your Vendors On Board Easily

When you make the move to e-invoicing, you want all your suppliers and vendors to be on board. But you don’t want the headache of having to convince them to use your solution, train them, and ensure compliance. At Officient, we take care of it for you.

We’ll handle the onboarding for all your accounts so you don’t have to expend any resources. We can onboard more accounts in a few months than most companies can onboard over multiple years. Plus, with a network of over 50,000 vendors and suppliers who already use our platform, chances are your vendors and suppliers are already using our solutions!

Early payment diagram

How Much Will I Save?

My company receives
100 000
    invoices per year

    You will save

    DKK 3.300.000
    per year with Officient
    Doesn't include additional savings from fraud prevention, and avoiding duplicate invoices or billing.

    Why Vendors and Suppliers Love Us

    Our vendor and supplier network is full of happy, empowered businesses that rely on Officient to better manage their billing processes and working capital.

    81 435

    Vendors and suppliers rely on Officient

    15 435 102

    Invoices flow through the platform

    USD 13.620.000.000

    In invoices have been managed with Officient



    What Our Customers Say About Us

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    Sebastian Rostrup Stilling

    Projectmanager at DEAS

    InvoiceFirewall has made invoice processing faster and more accurate. Our lead time per invoice has been cut in half, and we’ve optimized our resources. The Officient team is serious, pleasant and quick to respond. There’s no unnecessary contact to get results, so there’s a shorter time from thought to action, and support is provided much faster. We definitely recommend working with Officient.

    slide 2

    Stefan Jensen

    Group Controller at JP/Politikens Hus

    As a partner, Officient understands our requirements and wishes. Their competence level is high and they make things simple in terms of both systems and communication. At the same time, they are very informative and always tell us what the next step is. Customer care is top notch, which makes you feel you’re in safe hands. I highly recommend Officient.

    slide 3

    Michael Schmidt

    CTO at Kemp & Lauritzen

    A good partner. We have only positive words to say about Officient. They are skilled and agile, and they make decisions quickly. They have a high level of competence and have been great in understanding and meeting our needs.



    • Why should I consider Officient?

      We’ve been developing and delivering e-invoicing and e-procurement solutions for over 10 years, making our software among the most proven on the market today. Our award-winning solutions are trusted by some of the world’s largest businesses and have been recognized by the European Commission.
      Importantly, we understand invoicing from both sides: your company as well as your vendors and suppliers. We combine this understanding with extensive software development expertise to create solutions that help you work more efficiently while saving money and maximizing your working capital.

    • How does InvoiceFirewall work?

      InvoiceFirewall is integrated with your internal system, so the solution knows your approved suppliers, valid PO numbers, references, payment terms, and other key invoicing components. It validates all incoming invoices against these data points to prevent fraud, avoid duplicate billing, and eliminate errors. When it auto-corrects invoices, InvoiceFirewall screens the e-invoice format (XML) and ensures the data is complete and correct. The most common issue we see is that vendors or suppliers incorrectly place the PO number or contact person on the invoice. InvoiceFirewall moves these values to the invoice location where your internal system expects them to be, so the invoice can be forwarded straight to the proper approver. Another common fix is that suppliers often add unwanted prefixes or characters to a PO number, such as writing “PO123456” instead of “123456.” This causes problems with matching POs in your system, but InvoiceFirewall has the intelligence to find a valid match and remove the unwanted prefixes or characters to ensure the validity of the data.

    • How does Early Payment work?

      Early Payment provides an easy way to configure early payment discounts and apply them automatically to all future invoices from a specified vendor. With a simple interface, you can choose from a range of days after receipt of the invoice to apply a discount, and you can specify the percentage discount applied. As an alternative option, you can ask Early Payment to notify you by email each time an invoice is received from a specified vendor, and you can choose and define the terms and discount for each invoice. Importantly, Early Payment allows the flexibility to define and specify unique terms for each account, so you can easily and automatically apply discounts based on terms you negotiate with each supplier or vendor. When invoices are received and routed for approval, the discount will be applied automatically, or the approver will be notified and prompted to configure the discount if you’ve chosen the option to specify this for each invoice received.

    • Are my invoices safe with your platform?

      Keeping your data secure is one of our top priorities. We spare no expense and protect all of your invoices and sensitive business information with our 256-bit HTTPS encrypted server systems. Our industry-leading security allows us to sync your private invoicing data to the cloud while keeping it safe from hacking.

    • Do I have to install any software on my computers or devices?

      No. All Officient solutions are highly secure, cloud-based applications that don’t require any software installation on your computers or other devices. You get easy access to all of our solutions through a simple web-based interface. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser.

    • Can I use your platform on my mobile devices?

      Yes. Since all of our solutions are web-based cloud applications, you can access them from any device with an Internet connection and web browser. This includes tablets and smartphones.

    • Do you provide free integration and support?

      Integration and support is included in the cost of our platform. We don’t charge additional fees to help you. We keep your costs simple and focus on making you a happy customer!

    • How long will it take to get started?

      Integration usually takes 1 to 2 business days, and we can get all of your vendors and suppliers on board within 6 months or less—even if you have thousands! Our network already includes more than 50,000 suppliers and vendors, so there’s a good chance some of yours are already using our platform. We also handle all onboarding on your behalf, so you don’t have to spend time or resources getting your accounts to comply. Best of all, as soon as any of your vendors or suppliers get on board, you can start using our solutions and enjoying the benefits of greater automation and cost savings in your accounts payable.

    • How much does it cost?

      We offer an affordable platform with options and solutions customized to your unique needs. Pricing varies according to which solution(s) you choose and your specific requirements. Please contact our team, and we’ll happy to arrange a call to discuss your needs and provide a price quote.