Put your incoming invoices on autopilot

InvoiceFirewall automates your invoice processing, you save time and money

Officient serves thousands of customers in all sizes

The robotic solution for modern accounting

InvoiceFirewall handles:
  • Invoices that lack information
  • PDF invoices
  • Erroneous invoices
  • Fraud invoices and suppliers blacklisted by banks
  • Lack of data on prices and purchases from suppliers

Towards handsfree invoicing

We see that about every fourth of incoming invoices are erroneous or lack information. They require manual processing and that is costly in time and money.

InvoiceFirewall rejects invoices that are not correct and aligned with your business rules. Errors are automatically corrected and invoices with missing information are returned to the supplier. The result is 100% verified and correct invoices, ready for your workflow system.

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Did you know...

that 30.000 incoming invoices annually can cost 1.300 work hours?

Did you know...

that InvoiceFirewall can increase your invoice processing from 8 to 80 invoices per hour?

Did you know...

that about 25% of all incoming invoices are have errors or lack vital information?

Receive all your invoices electronically - automatically

Scanning and OCR processing PDF invoices is time consuming and expensive. You get significant financial gains by receiving them as e-invoices.

But contacting existing and future suppliers and instructing them in e-invoicing is a lot of work. With InvoiceFirewall the communication is automated. Your suppliers get free access to an easy-to-use e-invoicing platform so they can get onboard immediately.

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Give your employees more time to do their job

Employees are one of the company's most valuable resources. Relief them from repetitive manual tasks and let them focus on work that requires their specialized knowledge.

We see bookkeepers spending a lot of time and frustration on following up on vendor invoices manually. But they don’t have to. Give them a robotic assistant that automates time-consuming invoice processing and releases time to concentrate on value-creating activities.

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Get valuable insights

What did we buy from this supplier last year? Have prices changed since? Can we get the products cheaper from that supplier? Invoice Firewall gives you important knowledge about price trends and purchasing in just a few clicks.

Data is vital for any business. Invoice Firewall collects and processes data from vendor invoices and generates reports and purchasing statistics. Use them to reduce costs and stand stronger in price negotiations.

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”FakturaFirewall har gjort fakturabehandlingen hurtigere og mere præcis. Gennemløbstiden for hver faktura er halveret, og vi har optimeret ressourcerne. Folkene hos Officient er seriøse, behagelige og svarer hurtigt.”

Sebastian Rostrup Stilling, Project Manager, DEAS

”Som samarbejdspartner forstår Officient vores krav og ønsker, og de gør tingene på en enkel måde, både mht. systemer og kommunikation. Kundeplejen er i top, hvilket gør at man føler sig i trygge hænder. Derfor giver jeg Officient min bedste anbefaling.”

Stefan Jensen, Group Controller, JP/Politikens Hus

“We have reduced manual errors and got a much better overview of invoice processing - I am sure the investment will be a good business case. We have only good things to say about Officient. They have a high level of competence and have been really good at understanding and meeting our needs.”

Michael Schmidt, Head of IT, Kemp & Lauritzen

“We were looking for a system that could ensure quality and improve our invoice management. Officient were the most flexible and had the best product. With them, the focus is personal and I like that. I would definitely recommend others to work with Officient. Especially because they have a really good system in InvoiceFirewall."

Louise Pilegaard Hansen, Finance Assistant, Halberg
Yes please, send me a case story about Bergen Municipality

Frequently asked questions

Who is Officient?
Officient is a Scandinavian company established in 1999. We make efficient solutions for e-invoicing and billing automation. Officient is approved by DIFI as an access point in Europe, and we are a member of OpenPEPPOL.
What is Invoice Firewall?
Invoice Firewall is an RPA solution that automates invoice processing. It checks and validates all incoming invoices before they enter the workflow system. Errors are detected and corrected and invoices that lack information are returned to the supplier. Suppliers that do not send e-invoices are prompted to use a simple invoice portal. Everything automatically. InvoiceFirewall ensures 100% checked and correct e-invoices and a lot of time and money saved.
Does Invoice Firewall work on smartphone and tablet?
Yes. You have access from all devices with internet connection.
Do I need to install new software to use Invoice Firewall?
No. Invoice Firewall is cloud-based and the implementation requires very little from the IT department.
Do you help with integration?
Yes, integration is included in the price. We take you through the integration and make sure you get a good start, and we have consultants ready to guide and support you once InvoiceFirewall has come into operation.
Do you offer free support?
Yes. When you invest in an Invoice Firewall you get free access to personal support.
How much does Invoice Firewall cost?
Invoice Firewall must be tailored to your particular business. Therefore, the price varies according to the specific needs and requirements that the solution must meet to ensure maximum value for money.
How fast can Invoice Firewall be up and running?
The integration of Invoice Firewall typically takes one or two business days in the IT department.
How do I know if my suppliers can send electronic invoices?
We offer a free analysis of which of your suppliers can send e-invoices.