Send e-invoices directly from your ERP system

Efficient and secure invoice management directly from your financial system – that is smart automation

Integration with all financial systems

With Integration, you can send and receive electronic invoices in all formats, regardless of accounting system 

Choose your connection

Du kan vælge mellem SFTP, REST API eller klienten fra Officient.

Choose the type of data you want to send

Send OIOUBL, EHF, CSV or EDIFACT. We will send you the data description.

Track you invoices

Log in to your account and see all your invoices. You receive status messages by email or as data files.

Find your price

Flexible or fixed price - it is up to you

Registration (one-time fee)210 EUR
Access point (per month)50 EUR
Transaction price (per document)0,27 EUR
Registration (one-time fee)210 EURO
Access point (per month)78 EUR
First 12.000 transactionsFREE
Additional transactions (per document) 0,1 EUR

About Integration

Good for larger companies

Invoicing in all countries

Integration with all ERP and financial systems

Send and receive invoices using: SFTP, REST API or the client from

Does not require new software

Simple and secure integration

Can be adapted to all needs

Access to free personal support

Quality control and verification of invoices

Overview and tracking of invoices

Automatic collection and structuring of invoice data

Send and receive all types of documents in all formats

File formats and document standards

With the integration solution, you can send and receive virtually any document type, in any format.

If you or your customer have special needs, we offer customized solutions that meet all your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

What is Integration?
Integration is a solution for invoice handling. With Integration you can send and receive e-invoices directly from your ERP or financial system. The solution works with any ERP system and send invoices in all formats.
How many invoices can I send?
With Integration you can send up to 12.000 invoices annually. If you need to send more invoices, consider our enterprise solution InvoiceFirewall.
Do I need to install new software?
No. Integration is cloud-based and requires nothing but an internet connection.
Do I need a specific financial system?
No, the solution works with all ERP and financial systems.
Do you help with the integration?
Yes. The integration is easy and takes only a moment. If you need help, we are available.
Can I get personal support?
Yes. Free personalized support comes with an integration solution. Our talented consultants are ready with advice and guidance.
What if the invoice is not filled in correctly?
If information is missing, misplaced or incorrect you will be notified immediately by email. We point out the problem so you can easily correct it and resend the invoice.
How do I know that the invoice was delivered to the recipient?
You can see the status of each invoice on your personal account at
Can all invoices be converted to PEPPOL BIS 3.0?
Yes. We convert all kinds of invoices in all formats.
Can I send invoices internationally?
Yes. You can send invoices to all countries in any format. Officient gives you access to the PEPPOL network that connects trading partners across borders.
Why should I send e-invoices?
You pay for one year at a time. If you wish to unsubscribe, just send us an email and we will close the subscription when it expires.
What if there is an error in an invoice?
If an invoice is not filled in correctly, you will be notified by email immediately. We point out the error so you can quickly fix it and resubmit the invoice.
Can I also receive electronic invoices?
Yes. Whichever solution you choose, you have the option of receiving e-invoices.