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50 invoices/year

12 EUR /mo
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100 invoices/year

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500 invoices/year

98 EUR /mo

About PDF

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E-invoice essentials

Electronic invoices must include purchase order number and buyer’s reference. Otherwise the invoice cannot be delivered electronically. Apart from that, there are no special requirements for sending e-invoices.

Send your invoice to us

Send as PDF
  • There can be only one invoice in the PDF
  • Invoices with attachments are sent in one PDF with the invoice on the first page and the attachments on the following
  • The PDF must not exceed 3 MB
  • Avoid background color on the invoice
Send as picture
  • All information must be and easy to read
  • The entire invoice must be visible in the picture
Send paper invoice
  • Invoices and appendixes must be in A4 format, without clips, tape, staples etc.
  • Make sure the printer is set correctly so that all information is entered in the correct fields
  • Avoid background color on the invoice

Frequently asked questions

What is PDF?
The PDF solution converts your regular invoice into e-invoice without having to do anything other than send it to us as a PDF or image file. We make sure each invoice is properly converted and safely delivered to customer in the correct format.
How many invoices can I send?
With PDF you can send up to 1000 invoices annually. If you need to send more invoices, select Integration.
Can I send a photo of my paper invoice?
Yes. Just make sure you get the entire invoice in the photo and that all information is easy to read. If the quality of the image is too poor for the invoice to be converted, you will be notified immediately so you can take another one.
What if the invoice is not filled in correctly?
If information is missing, misplaced or incorrect you will be notified immediately by email. We point out the problem so you can easily correct it and resend the invoice.
How do I know that the invoice was delivered to the recipient?
You can track each invoice on your account at officient.com
Who can send electronic invoices?
Everyone. Officient sends invoices for companies of all sizes across all industries, and our solutions work with all ERP and financial systems. If you do not have an accounting system, this is not a problem.
Can all invoices be converted to PEPPOL BIS 3.0?
Yes. We convert all kinds of invoices in all formats.
Can I send invoices internationally?
Yes. You can send invoices to all countries in any format. Officient gives you access to the PEPPOL network that connects trading partners across borders.
What if I regret my purchase?
You have a 14-day return policy, no matter which solution you choose. If you have used the subscription but only sent a single invoice, you can cancel it within a month.
Why should I send e-invoices?
You pay for one year at a time. If you wish to unsubscribe, just send us an email and we will close the subscription when it expires.
What if there is an error in an invoice?
If an invoice is not filled in correctly, you will be notified by email immediately. We point out the error so you can quickly fix it and resubmit the invoice.
Can I also receive electronic invoices?
Yes. Whichever solution you choose, you have the option of receiving e-invoices.